The Collective Vision: Grace & Forgiveness

First, let me tell you...YOU ARE PERFECT. Despite your preconceived flaws, you were made in perfection. You are not your circumstances. You are not what you have been through. You have had an accumulation of experiences that have made you who you are. The challenges you have faced, the achievements you have accomplished, the lessons you have learned are all byproducts of who you are.

We have all experienced tumultous circumstances within our lives. We can look back at situations that were meant to break us and ask ourselves how did we survive. However, you are here. You made it. You should be proud of yourself and celebrate.

How many times do we replay the situations in our lives? How many times has old baggage reared it's ugly head into new circumstances, the same cycles over and over again? It can be exhausting to be afraid to move forward because failing. It is now the time to show your self grace.

"Grace is free, unmerited favor from God..., the Universe, Spirit, usually for the manifestation of salvation... and the blessings to bestowed", according to Oxford Dictionary. We all want favor in our lives. We want to live a charmed life, a life full of enchantement. In order to open the gateway for blessings to come through, grace is essential. We often see how we offer grace to others. Every time you have felt yourself losing your temper, and instead of unleashing the anger, you refrained and walked away, you were offering grace. You were offering mercy. We tend to offer grace to others, but not our selves. We are our own worst critics. We will condemn ourselves to our worst thoughts. Not realizing, that out of our own ignorance, we have reacted undesirably. We lacked the awareness of how to do things differently.

But, Thank God for grace. Mother Earth grants us grace while we misuse her resources. She hasn't toppled the world over due to our neglect and abuse. The Universe is now saying give yourself grace. Give your self the love that you have given away to others. Practice the art of forgiveness. Forgiveness not for another person for the actions that have harmed you. Forgiveness to yourself for allowing it to happen. Forgive yourself for not knowing, and having the awareness to choose a different option. Forgive yourself for valuing someone else more than you valued yourself. Forgive yourself for staying in situations you know you should've left for a long time. Forgive yourself for not showing yourself absolute adoration.

In forgiving yourself, you will open the doorway for grace to be restored in your life. You will find the greatest love of your life is the love you give to yourself. You will value your time, your energy, your presence, your personality, and your shadows in a way you have not even considered. You will begin to realize you are the most important person in your life. You will know your worth and love yourself unconditionally. And when the opportunity presents itself, you will be able to share the love you give to yourself with others. Granting more forgiveness and more grace as you have learned to do for youself.

You are perfect in your imperfections. You are here to be uniquely you. You are learning. You are evolving. You are healing. And you deserve grace as you continue on your journey.

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