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About Us

Conjure Ifakunle has lived his life based on spiritual practices. In 2001, he began studying metaphysics and spirituality. In 2007, he was diagnosed with a disease doctors deemed terminal. In the beginning he followed doctor's recommended treatments which left him feeling worse than the symptoms of the disease. Unbeknownst to him, this was the same year Osuntola began her spiritual journey. When their paths crossed, Conjure knew they would heal each other. When Conjure expressed his desire to use natural medicines to heal, Osuntola obtained her Bachelor's of Science in Alternative Medicine to ensure he would be doing the best to assist him in regaining his health.

Osuntola is a Certified Holistic Doula, and Yoni Breathing Instructor. They were both initiated in the Indigenous Golden Cosmic Ray Order of Melchezidek (IGCROM) as high priest/priestess. They are reiki masters in Usui, Seichem, Tibetan traditions, taught from a Kemetic perspective. Conjure and Osuntola are mostly known for facilitating holistic health, cultural, intimacy and spiritual events over the last 10 years. They have given lectures at Whole Foods, in Charlotte, NC and Crossroads Charter School, in Charlotte, NC. Osuntola was a presenter at Conjure Fest, in Raleigh, NC and Dawtas of the Moon, in Baltimore MD. They both have presented health and spiritual seminars for churches, local shops and libraries. They also have facilitated a variety of healing retreats over the last decade.

They are currently aborisha in the Lucumi tradition, under the teachings of Iyalosha Olubisi and Bablosha Alaje' of Temple Muyiwa. With all the knowledge they accumulated over the years, they created an innovative, evolutionary healing system, utilizing indigenous healing modalities, called the Etheric Touch. The Etheric Touch is offered as a service to clients and a mentorship program for students internationally. Their life together has been enchanted, filled with magic and mystery. It is their passion and purpose to guide people into the land of spirit... and of magic. 

"The Healing House Retreat was beyond amazing!!! I got out of my own way to make it to this retreat. Words alone cannot express my thanks to Conjure and Osuntola for being such divine guides, and hosts. Thank you for all you do. The atmosphere provided  at the retreat felt like home  and it was a sanctuary for my soul. I was amongst family in true essence. Every participant brought a great vibe and contribution to this retreat. There was so much magick in this space and it's effects are still present. (People have told me I look different since I've been back home.) I received exactly what my soul needed. This was an absolute sacred recharge. The way my body and heart space feels are signs of the energy and magick that blessed me at this retreat. Thanks for the glow up. Y'all are beyond amazing. 

~Donna Ngozi Keene

Tampa, FL~

When I mention Osuntola & Conjure to people I call them my "Spiritual Guideparents". Because to mee they are. I love the work they do! It's a huge responsibility they have and they take their responsibility very seriously. I trust them to lead and I call on them when I need them. They are always there ready to point me in the right direction. 

I am an Alumni of the Etheric Touch program. I have had readings done (BEST I'VE EVER HAD)

I also recently had an energy cleansing ceremony done by this Beautiful Couple. Truly Amazing, Life Changing, Soul Inspiring Experience! #Tribe

~Aja Rucker

Fayetteville, NC~

I've been in the Conscious/Spiritual Community for years accumalating "head knowledge" and information. All of that changed when I took the Etheric Touch Classes! I learned how to take care of myself FIRST. I learned how to become reacquainted with myself and my benevolent ancestors. I learned practical ways to use indigenous healing methods and I know my life's purpose.  I have become more gentle and compassionate with myself and others as well.

~Ahati Iheyinwa

Charlotte, NC~

I wish there was a button you could tap to alert fellow consumers that this experience/product deserves more than a 5-Star Rating, as words cannot fully express how the Enchanted Life has changed me for the better! I needed a serious course in self-care, as I had reached a point where I was truly detached from my own self-awareness outside of being a wife, mother, and support system for others. From the first day of class, I knew this Power Couple walked the path which they spoke of, as their positive light energy emitted through the screen. Even though I have years of Westernized formal education, what I learned in the Etheric Touch program has been invaluable for my personal growth and how I assist others in walking their own healing path. What I love about this curriculum is the 'Come as your are" model. No matter your background or what you thought you knew, ET awakens your mind, heart and spirit to align yourself with your fullest potential. This is a space for vulnerability, for questioning societial programming, and diving into ancestral medicine and rituals in order to connect you with something greater than the signular. There is most definitely homework, which really assists in making sure you get the information. I actually just finished my second cycle of ET  and although I have officially graduated, I will most certainly continue to take classes, as I learn something new each time. It is more than worth it. Just a side note- The Enchanted Life Leggings are BOMB!!! Superior quality and comfy all at the same time. I just love everything the Enchanted Life has to offer!

~ Dr. Kenwana Vanderbilt, PsyD

Macon, GA~