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Many people are in search of the spiritual realm. They read books on energy and chakras. They research google to get more information. They hear about people's experiences with spirit and magic. They are left feeling as if these experiences and gifts are not accessible to them. They try different spells, attempt meditation and find themselves frustrated and confused. They may search on social media for answers to their questions and find themselves more frustrated then when they began. At the Enchanted Life, we believe it is essential to have a guide as you begin your spiritual journey. Just like when we followed certain religious indoctrinations, there was guidance, teachings, and mentorship, the same should be applied on your spiritual journey. We have a developed a program to assist with this process. 
The Etheric Touch is an innovative, evolutionary healing ceremony utilizing indigenous modalities to facilitate healing for ourselves and others.  An Etheric Touch ceremony is designed to assist you to awaken to spirit, relax your minds, balance your emotions, and rejuvenate your body. Each Etheric Touch ceremony is customized to your specific needs using divinations and energy work. We have worked on clients for depresssion, stress relief, spiritual awakenings, attunements for rejuvenation, physical ailments,pms, sexual imbalances, emotional anxieties and more. Whether through distant healing sessions, or in person, you will be blown away from how an Etheric Touch session can effect you.
Now, we are now offering the Etheric Touch Certification program.  

Iya Omitola,

Owner of Dawtas of the Moon

I am absolutely in love with them. For couples counseling, they are a dynamic couple that not only advise others but also put the same advice into practice into their own marriage and you can see it. As a Holistic Health Consultant, they provide excellent services with a wealth of knowledge. They are personable, loving, compassionate, and they walk their talk. I absolutely love them.

Iya Omisaro Ondrea, 

Owner of Moon, Moods & Magic

Osuntola has a special touch with her ET Sessions that I personally enjoyed. From preparation to completion you can tell she takes her craft seriously and will be an asset to your healing team. If you really want to increase the benefits, you can add the chakra bowls which bring sound vibrations. Her sessions with the root chakra singing bowl has brought me some much needed grounding.

Tashia Ariel,

Owner of Earth, Wind, & Finds

The ET Course has really been doing some thangs to me! I feel like I've unlocked more of who I am designed to be. At one point, I was attuned to reiki, but never finished because it didn't fully resonate with me anymore... ET  is the perfect medicine for me in this time in my life. To be able to integrate my own sensual healing practices is a complete game changer.

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