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Peace Family

Welcome to the Enchanted Life. I am excited to see you here. You have made your way to this page because you can relate to one of the following:

  1. You know something is missing. There is an emptiness you feel inside. You feel disconnected, but you sure what you are disconnected from. But you often find yourself thinking, there has to more to life thant what you have been taught..

  2. You are seeking a deeper connection to the Divine Creator

  3. You have loss a loved one and wish you could connect with them again.

  4. You want to discover your divine purpose and walk in your destiny.

  5. Repeating outdated patterns, and cycles are wearing you out. You au want a better life. You feel like there is more to you than being (Inset title, ex. Mother, wife, sister, lawyer,  entrepreneur, doctor,)

  6.  You are sick and tired of having this ‘woe is me’ mentality and are ready to overcome self limiting beliefs.

  7. You know there is more to life than what you see. You already have a deep curiosity and a little fear of the unknown.

  8. You can’t express this yearning to your friends, family or even your pastor for fear of their ridicule and judgements.

  9. You have tried many self-care techniques, and have yet to tap into your potential.

My spiritual healing journey made such a tremendous impact, I completely transformed my life. It has now become my passion to assist other women in their transformation as well. I have been blessed to have assistance every step of the way on my healing journey. And NOW, I am here offering to assist, guide and support you as you discover yourself. I will guide you  into the unknown. I will assist you as you walk on your healing journey. I will support you as you discover and explore your destiny

Now that you are ready to begin your journey, I would like to send you my ebook, The Enchanted Life: 3 Steps to your Spiritual Development. It will introduce you to 1. How to take care of your soul 2. How to create an interdependent relationship with the Divine and your ancestors. 3. How to acknowledge your weaknesses and transform them into strengths. 

Ssssooooooo….. This is just the beginning of your own self discovery and exploration. The ebook is just enough to feed your curiosity. I will guide you until you are ready to walk on your own. Then we can walk together in our power and purpose. 

It is our goal to assist people who are transitioning into or already living a holistic lifestyle to incorporate Etheric Touch in daily living. We bridge the gap between indoctrination and spirituality. 

Our Mission